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5 Tips For Better Feature Engineering

Feature Engineering is an important concept for machine learning because it helps you to extract meaningful information from the raw data by using mathematics, statistics, and domain knowledge. Domain knowledge means, we use the specialized discipline of knowledge to extract features from the raw data through different techniques. For that purpose, if we have to create some additional relevant features which increase the predictive power of the machine learning algorithm, then we add some extra features to enhance the performance even better. …

Best Email Hosting In The UK

Professional email address glamorizes the businesses/websites, and it has a strong impression of professionalism in the customer/client’s mind. It is easy nowadays to find the best web hosting services which provide you the quality hosting. Although, here we will discuss the best ‘Email Hosting Service Provider in the UK’. First of all, the best email hosting service must include the following qualities/requirements to be the best of the best:

1) It should be affordable.

2) Its services must be easy to use.

3) Additional storage capacity.

4) Large files can easily be sent.

5) Additional account creation facility.

6) Fast…

Uzair Khan

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